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Pixel Smashy Car Race 3D


You are a wanted criminal, escape the police playing Pixel Smashy Car Race 3D! Dominate the road not to be busted! Drive fast, but avid hitting crossy pedestrians. Cops are in pursuit, you are a wanted bandit, so race down the road to survive!
Explore city roads racing your pixel car and collect coins to buy new vehicles or upgrade the car you have! Try jeeps, trucks or even tanks and choose your favorite one! Prove your worth as a criminal driver, racing narrow city roads and find trying to find your ways trough the traffic. Be fast or be busted with Pixel Smashy Car Race 3D game!
Take part in extreme police chase driving different pixel vehicles – cars, trucks, jeeps and tanks. Upgrade its speed and maneuverability or even buy new ones collecting coins. Your goal as a wanted man is to escape the police! Take your driving skills to new level with Pixel Smashy Car Race 3D! Join the traffic race, avoid obstacles on the highway like trucks, buses and other cars! Smashing your car will fell your right in the cop’s hands! Speed up your pixel car and don’t forget that you are WANTED!
Drive around the city, avoid large number of cops that chases you and survive as long as possible as a real criminal! Imagine a cross between extreme racing simulator and a cop chase game. Enjoy Pixel Smashy Car Race 3D! Smash your way past the cops!
Pixel Smashy Car Race 3D features:
- Ba the most wanted criminal, escape from a cop chase- Collect coins hidden on the road to upgrade the car you have or buy new one – jeeps, trucks and even pixel tanks are available- Amazing 3D graphics- Many levels to unlock - take your driving skills to a new level!
It’s high time to smash the road! Race fast, but never let the police catch you! Prove your driing skills being a bandit and never be busted! If you love car games and driving simulator you will love Pixel Smashy Car Race 3D! Survive on the streets maneuvering through heavy traffic! Good luck!
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